L.A. Immigration Summit 2022

One of my recent experimental projects was a re-brand for the 2022 Immigration Summit in Los Angeles. With my expertise in the immigration space and my passion for design, I created a cohesive and visually compelling brand that captured the essence of the event.

Creative Direction

Initial Mood and Exploration

To create a successful experimental design, I began by curating visuals that aligned with the 2022 Immigration Summit's key themes. As an expert in the immigration space, I selected keywords such as "emerging," "strong," "integration," "justice," and "power" that captured the spirit of the event. Once the mood was established, I used a spectrum of colors to visually represent the diverse voices and perspectives of the immigrant community. Additionally, the concept of "intersect" inspired me to incorporate the LA highway system as a unifying element, as seen in my experimentation with gradients and color treatments.

Expanding the Brand

Once the final look-and-feel was locked in, I expanded the brand onto digital and printed items. I created a website for the summit, designed social media graphics, and created printed materials such as posters, flyers, and t-shirts. All of these items featured the same visual elements as my experimental design, including the use of keywords, colors, and the LA highway system. This helped to create a consistent branding across all channels, which helped to raise awareness of the summit and its message.

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