Investing in the next generation of LA scholars

Given the ever-changing landscape of the educational landscape, I was entrusted with the vital task of rebranding the esteemed Los Angeles Scholars Fund (LASIF). The success of this initiative was paramount, as it was imperative to ensure that the organization remained relevant and engaging to today's students. In order to achieve this objective, I undertook a comprehensive redesign process that encompassed all aspects of the brand, including a new logo, a dynamic color scheme, digital communication channels, and event signage and collateral. By leveraging my expertise in branding and design, I was able to effectively position LASIF as a beacon of progress and opportunity for generations of students to come.

Creative Lead

Logo Idea

I began exploring ways of honoring the previous brand while incorporating a new look that tied in with education. It finally hit me to use math as the inspiration. Immediately, I began exploring with different shapes and sizes, just to get some preliminary ideas on paper.


Event Producer and Planner:
Aurora Anaya-Cerda