Brand Experience for a National LGBTQ+ Conference

As a member of the team, I was tasked with creating a conference aesthetic that truly embodied the organization's values and mission. The brand was carefully crafted to represent the community's strength and the pressing need to elevate transgender issues. The vibrant primary colors were chosen to reflect this message, while floral elements were thoughtfully integrated to symbolize the incredible resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. To ensure a cohesive visual identity, the brand was applied consistently across all digital and printed materials. Additionally, I had the privilege of capturing the event through photography, further immortalizing the powerful impact of this conference.

Lead Graphic Designer

Creative Problem-Solving

Undertaking this project proved to be a truly enriching experience for me. Although the available resources were limited, the bilingual aspect of the project encouraged me to explore new and inventive strategies for effectively conveying the content. The challenge of this undertaking required me to leverage my creativity and problem-solving skills in order to ensure that the messaging was clear and accessible to all attendees. Ultimately, my efforts paid off, and the conference was a resounding success. The opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful event, and to witness firsthand the impact it had on those in attendance, was truly unforgettable.


Video footage:
Nieves Productions

Event Production: