Enhancing Tiyya's Brand Through Creative Design Collaboration

Through my collaboration with Tiyya Foundation, I was privileged to contribute to their 2021 Annual Report, using their established style guide. The success of this initial project led to a continued partnership, where I was entrusted with the task of enhancing their physical collateral and digital assets. My dedication to maintaining the integrity of their brand, coupled with my attention to detail, resulted in a final product that exceeded their expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a meaningful organization and am proud of the work we accomplished together.

Lead Designer

Brand Re-fresh
I embarked on my Tiyya Foundation journey upon encountering their inaugural annual report in 2021. Eager to contribute, I sought to merge their existing brand with fresh components while paying tribute to the original. As a result, I integrated a discreet hand-drawn line that extended throughout the report, symbolizing the natural bond shared among Tiyya members and the dynamic path that many of them have traversed - one that is not straightforward but rather ever-evolving. After the report design, I expanded the brand into additional collateral, both digital and printed.


Photography by:
Matthew Palanca, Mythos One Media